Saturday, November 7, 2009

Wall Complete

The first retaining wall for the Ponderosa Lines is now in place. I managed one hour of working the dirt and rock pile last night (Friday), fighting the daylight which is now in short supply after coming home from school. This morning (Saturday) I continued for 2.5 more hours and scrounged for enough malpais stones to finish the wall. Much of the fill is in place behind the wall, a bit muddy now after hosing it down to encourage packing. I still have a sizeable pile in the front yard to tackle, but Linda says that I'm making a good dent in it. Perhaps another round Sunday, and my weekend exercise will be fulfilled.

Bill of materials for this project:
  • 1.5 tons of thin malpais stone (for front retaining wall of shelf)
  • 1.0 tons of malpais boulders (for back-side retaining wall under deck)
  • 4 yards of screened fill (will likely only need 3 for the fill.)

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