Sunday, January 10, 2010

First Excursions on Temporary Trackage

PLR News Release:
Whistles blew and throttles opened today on the Ponderosa Lines, as the first temporary trackage was opened for service. With only two restored passenger cars and a few freight cars for effect, the short trips provided a glimpse of the future for this upstart narrow gauge railroad in northern Arizona. Crews are now awaiting the summer season and the final withrawal of the snow here at 7,000 feet elevation. The PLR will one day reach Show Low to the east of Flagstaff, if all goes as planned. Revenue passengers -- mostly visitors to Flagstaff and Show Low -- will supplement some 21st century freight service on this long-abandoned 19th century right of way (fictitious). While relying on tourist dollars and overhauled narrow gauge equipment, PLR leaders envision landing a few contracts to haul small-growth timber from forest thinning efforts, and some local freight for new businesses related to windfarms and solar power. For now the train engineers and first passengers are enjoying a few short journeys out and back on PLR's first equipment (see photos below, click on photos for larger images.)