Sunday, November 29, 2009

First Locomotive Conversion to Battery Power!

On the tail end of our first winter storm this season, I ventured south to Dewey, Arizona to make a return visit to Stan Cedarleaf's G-scale empire. He had his Christmas train running steadily on his Prescott Canyon Southern railroad while he converted my Bachmann steam locomotive to battery power. While the Baldwin ten-wheeler was in the "shop," I took a barrage of photos, in case he or I wish to show the process for conversion some time. For now, a few photos from the 2-hour procedure are below, including a shot of his railroad. If there was a surgeon for locomotives, Stan would be the one! All I could really do was watch and take photos while he conducted his "surgery" in the chilly afternoon. In the end he handed over my new throttle and let me give it a spin around his railroad. It runs well and is no longer dependent upon track power! I look forward to seeing this engine run on the Ponderosa Lines in 2010. (Click on photos for larger images.)

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