Sunday, August 5, 2012

New Bypass to Reduce Steepest Grade

The first section of new trackage
(curved track section indicates original route)
After a lengthy (15 minute) deliberation with Linda and her Dad earlier today, track crews (me) decided to undertake a new main-line track project that would involve shutting down the PLR for a few days to a week. Although Twin Pines is one of the more intriguing places on the railroad, where the railroad cuts between two young trees, it involves the steepest grade on the line from both directions. A new bypass was thus planned, followed by an evening of new construction Sunday evening. Not only should the grades be reduced, but the main line itself will be lengthened as the route is expanded to parallel the track in the back corner of the yard (not my first choice, but it should allow the advantage of watching trains pass each other). Photos included here show the progress as of the last daylight. Some rock "dynamiting" and "cut and fill" will be necessary projects in the next few nights, as well as a run to Dewey to secure some new track.


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